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Savoey Seafood Restaurant

Our History

Established in November 1980 in Patong Beach Phuket

For over 30 years,Savoey Seafood most popular seafood restaurant. Located “Patong Beach” is the most active beach in Phuket., On 10 August 1988, Savaoy Seafood restaurant has been established by Mr.Sompong Daopisate and Mr.Thaweesakdi Phcharoen under Restaurant in Safari Beach Hotel. They were start with 10 staffs

Savoey Seafood Restaurant,established in August 1988 in Patong Beach Phuket, is under the S.T.P.GroupCo.,Ltd, which is owned and operated by Mr.Thaveesakdi Phucharoen, and partners. The restaurant is firstly positioned as casual dining restaurant, featuring all Thai, Seafoods, Chinese dishes.

Flash back to 1988, Sovoey Seafood opened with 50 Tables (100 seats) and 50 staffs on Beach road (During that time, it was dirt road) and only few shops open. We operated seafood kitchen in front of the restaurant(This layout has not been distorted since the operated), and we have other 2 cuisines which are Chinese and international foods cuisines

In 1984 Savoey expended to Bangla road and extremely enlarge to 600 seats and provide Thai dancing and culture performance every night.

Savoey Seafood is considered as one of the landmark of Patong Beach and We have been considered by our customer as one of the leader Phuket’s seafood restaurant. This acknowledgement is not only the outcome of our freshness, competitive selling price but also and taste.

On 26 December 2004, Tsunami disaster has significantly destroy Savoey’s physical evidence. Fortunately we don’t have the number of casualty, this was due to the staff’s team effort of helping each other.

Mr.Thaveesakdi and his staffs (about 135 staffs during that time) renovated Savoey and Safari Beach hotel since the first days after Tsunami with on electric and on water supply.

Mr.Thaveesakdi used the power generator from his friend (free of charge) and water from artesian wells. We are compensated by the insurance company only at 2 million Baht which was incomparable to our loss. Our boss has just one direction on the hiring policy “None of our employees should be layoff”, we pay full amount of their salary.

It was only 10 days aftermath, Savoey has been re-opened on 5 January 2005 among dark (on electricity)and Tsunami remnants. With only 30% facilities and equipment readiness, we were the first on beach road that run the business. Savoey just want to express our people’s merit to the public that we still hear and ready to welcome the tourist back, in order to recovery Patong tourism’s industry.

After disaster we further opened Beach way Coffee shop in 8 September 2005 and Concaved Rest. In 1 October 2005 and in the year 2007 our company expanded our serving outlet to the beach unit as Beach house which is designed to support over customer from Savoey Seafood. Currently we have 215 Staffs and operating the new 5 star hotel named “LafloraPatong” in 2007 and “The Naka” in 2011 in the same Umbrella.

Where we are

Savoey seafood restaurant is located on Taweewong Road just a few minutes walk to Patong beach.
Savoey seafood restaurant stands within an easy walking distance of all the excitement and activities in Patong. The famous “Soi Bangla” is only a short walk from the restaurant.

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Savoey Seafood restaurant
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